Our Library

The Burrell Township Library currently offers over 1,200 titles for you to peruse in the form of books, audiobooks, movies, and TV series. These items cover a multitude of genres, in addition to sections specifically for children's reading, young adults, graphic novels, adults, and large print to be enjoyed by all. We also support free wi-fi on site and offer copy services for a small fee. 

The bulk of our collection is still in storage due to our previous building suffering water damage and our moving to our current smaller location. However, we have received a grant to construct a new building in the coming year and look forward to serving the community in bigger and better ways!

Mission statement

To build strong connections between our patrons and the world. 

Who We Are

The Burrell Township Library was established in 1977 to serve the residents of Burrell Township and its surrounding villages within  southern Indiana County.

What we offer

We currently offer over 1,200 items to read, watch, and listen to your leisure. Also, we provide free wi-fi, laptops for patron use, copy services, and various reading and learning programs when .

After suffering the devastating loss of our previous building in February 2018, we have secured grant funding in an effort to construct a new building to house our full collection and serve patrons in better ways by becoming a hub for community life.

Staff & Board Members

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Jen Van Hannak

Library Director

Kay Wolfgang

Library Assistant

George Brown

Library Assistant


Samuel Ferguson


Richard K. Shoemaker

Vice President

Jane Kokolis


Bonni Dunlap


Isabella Previte


Joseph Van Hannak


Pastor Dawn Krishart


Jackie Underwood