Burrell Township Supervisors and libray

Our Future

The Burrell Township Library is moving forward to better serving our community by raising funds to build a new library building.


Following the library's closure due to irreparable building damage in 2018, the library has been temporarily integrated into the Burrell Township Supervisors' building. Since then the library has secured multiple funding grants towards constructing a new home for itself. In addition to regular fundraising efforts, the library has also undertaken a Capital Campaign in order to fund the new construction. 

Township Supervisors and library board members pose with the proposed new building's floor plan. 
From left to right: John Shields, Larry Henry, Rick Bozich, Dan Shraceaw, Jane Kokolis. 
Building LocationEdited.jpg

The location of our soon to be home in downtown Black Lick, PA.

Time to Rebuild

Latest step taken towards our new building: 

In November 2020 the Burrell Township Library and the Burrell Township Supervisors were awarded the 2020 Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund grant. This $229,000  grant will hopefully secure the library's home with work estimated to begin in 2021. 

However, it is still vitally important that the library continue to raise funds for the new building and the materials that it will house. Please follow the links below to discover more about the events that have led up today's circumstances, as well as the library's Capital Campaign efforts. 

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